What Makes us Different
At LPJ, we offer entirely objective advice.  Our unique, fee-based reward formula prevents us from being motivated by anything other than your best, long-term interests.  In fact, we receive no standard commissions simply by signing-on your new business.
The LPJ approach to risk management is unique.  We determine the client’s personal risk profile, deriving it from a detailed, life-long, and actuarially sound cash flow model.
Our aim is to assist the client in securing financial soundness and independence via wealth-growth and preservation.
LPJ Financial Services is a company within the larger LPJ group which includes financial products,
general business consulting and equity funding. The group operates in a
synergistic way in order to optimise customer service.



At LPJ we make it our business to build a personal relationship with our clients which goes beyond the mere execution of a plan. We start by analysing the client’s asset base and future cash flow demands. Based on the outcome of a holistic financial planning analysis, we recommend an investment strategy that forms a long term financial road map to follow. This approach is also used for business entities, with regards to, for example, employee benefits and staff retention issues. The advice the client receives is ongoing, with constant access and support to our wealth management and administration team. Even when client’s circumstances change and new requirements are necessary, we gladly support and assist the needs.

LPJ offers an effective and immediate communication such as:

• Regular, scheduled meetings with the asset manager. • Comprehensive portfolio review meetings. • Quarterly reports. • Investment e-newsletters on global and local social, political and economic trends. • Twice a year, an in-depth newsletter covering current issues in the financial services industry. • Client network breakfasts. • Regular client events and conferences.


Our reputation for a personal approach means that every client’s portfolio is different and we are therefore able to reflect a single performance track record. We nurture relationships not just because we’re a service team, but also because we’re committed to the long term. In addition, we encourage our clients to build a permanent direct access to the LPJ team and associates. All this leads to our proud record of enjoying a significant client retention rate. This confirms our sustained delivery in our promise.

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